How old does my baby need to be to use a Lifft Stretchy Wrap or a Lifft Pouch Sling?
The stretchy wrap is designed to be used from birth, and can carry children up to 15kg. Many people use a stretchy for the first few months
or year before moving on to our pouches.
The Lifft Pouch Sling can be used from 3 months right through toddlerhood (35lb/15.8kg). You have the flexibility to change from the front
carrying position to the side position as your child develops. The deep pouch has plenty of fabric to support an older child’s back and
accommodate their thighs.
How can the Lifft Pouch Sling be used from 3 months to 3 years?

The Lifft pouch sling will last from your 3 months old baby until they are toddler.

This is because the sling has two natural carrying positions that change as your child grows. They are designed to fit the wearer and not your child, therefore there is enough fabric to move up their back and offer the support required as they grow.

Why are Lifft Pouch Slings available in different sizes?
Not everyone is built the same. We all have our own unique landscapes. So just like buying a pair of jeans, you and your partner are likely to be different; so why shouldn’t your sling be!
The Lifft Sling has been designed to combat confusion! Take a little time to understand and you will be totally converted!!
Just choose your T-shirt size and go.
Lifft Slings are sized to fit you because:
  • It’s easier!
  • No adjusting fussy buckles: great for new parents as you don’t need help putting it on.
  • It’s comfortable!
  • The sling is wide and smooth across your shoulder and back, so it doesn’t dig in around your neck.
  • It improves posture!
  • We’re the only sling independently bio-metrically tested and proven to keep your spine straighter.
  • It’s secure!
  • One piece tailored sling means a perfect fit without reliance on fastening or knots.
What makes Lifft Pouch Slings so different from other slings?

Due to its unique buckle free design, the Lifft Pouch Sling is the only sling scientifically proven to improve your posture when carrying your little one. There are no buckles, fasteners or knots to rely on or adjust.


The Lifft Sling quaility is unrivalled and additional comfort comes from the double lining of soft stretch cotton fabric, the padded rails for babies arms and legs and the stretch panel which provodes that extra ‘give’ when the baby is placed inside

How are Lifft Stretchy Wraps different to other brands of stretchies

Our stretchies are made in the UK, and have been fully safety tested to comply with CEN/TR 16512:2015.

All stretchy weaps are made of long pieces of fabric which are wrapped around your body before placing your child in, however they do differ in length, width, fabric composition, weight (thickness) and shape, with some easier to use than others.

Our stretchy weap are made from 2-way stretch cotton that is both great as it is supportive and comfortable. Whereas some other stretchies are only made using 1-way stretch ie up and down or left to right.

They are hemmed with a middle marker to indicate the starting position when using the sling. The Stretchy is the same width throughout its length so you can tie the knot near to the end if needed.

When would I wear my Lifft Stretchy Wrap or Pouch?
You can wear your stretchy or pouch all the time.
As they are not bulky, you can wear the slings all day, even when your child is not being carried (such as when you are driving with your baby in their car seat).
Just pre-tie the stretchy following the instructions in the leaflet and place your baby in and out as needed throughout the day. The pouches can be worn across your body like a sash ready to be used, and are so lightweight you hardly notice you are wearing them. The pouches are great for carryong toddlers who want to walk a bit, then be carried, then walk again. So just pack it in your bag ready for them to be carried
Stretchies and pouches are invaluable for short trips to the shops or for picking siblings up from school – times that don’t warrant getting the pram out. They are great for holidays, especially for getting through busy airports, or crowded shopping centres where there are lots of escalators and stairs to negotitate.
They are ideal for oudoor use, such as camping trips, festivals, exploring local parks, pebbly beaches or narrow footpaths in the countryside, as you don’t need to worry about whether a path is accesible by a pram.
How do I care for Lifft Stretchy Wrap or Lifft Pouch Sling?
These washing instructions are also printed on the care label of your sling.
Gentle machine wash at 30 or 40 degrees.
Avoid bleach, brighteners or fabric softeners as these can affect the performance of the fabric.
Dry on a washing line, clothes airer or use trouser hangers to allow the fabric to dry straight.
The stretchy wraps can be tumbled on a low or cool setting. It is preferable to let them air dry though. Do not tumble dry the pouches as this could affect the performace of the stretch panel.